What Psilocybin Microdosing Did to Me
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This Is What 29 Days of Psilocybin Microdosing Did To Me

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Let me start with a bit of context before I dig into the effects the drug had on me. I’ve decided to start spicing up my life in 2020 and doing monthly experiments.

Not because my life is challenge-free and dull. I have a wife, a son and now a daughter and that’s not always easy and is challenging enough. Having kids can be triggering and it takes some energy to ensure you always have a gentle parenting approach. But I felt like I needed to find ways to become a superhuman. To grow. I don’t want to die being this random lanky guy (as my dear friend Mike would call me). Hence my monthly experiments.

The first one was to experiment with Psilocybin mushrooms. Ever since my Ayahuasca session I got more and more curious about psychedelics. And since my parents in-law are here to help us it felt like the perfect time to do so. I knew that if I started to see flying pigs, I had some backup.

Now you may be curious. Did I see flying pigs during this month?

Unfortunately not. Someday I will. Someday.

My Psilocybin Breakfast
This is what my breakfast looked like. Yummy!

What did psilocybin microdosing do to me?

Not much to be honest with you. With all the reading I’ve done, I had big hopes. Everyone talks about it as a miracle drug. Far better than coffee. A drug that would boost your creativity tenfold.

Don’t get me wrong though. I do think psychedelics may be the next big thing in mental health care, but in a guided setting with normal doses. The drug is not really what changes you. It’s the journey you are taking while under it.

Initially I wanted to share with you what happened each day I took the mushroom but I feel like that will simply result in a long and boring post. And I don’t want to bore you. Your Instagram feed is waiting for you and I’m sure your mouse is already hovering over the big X of your browser.

Here’s how much I took during the span of the month:


As you can see I started with really small doses. I wanted to start small as I didn’t know how my body would react to it. And since I had to drive around and my kids, I didn’t want to be high. I’m a responsible adult or at least try to be, hence me taking small amounts of drugs.

The first few days felt great. The effects started appearing around an hour after ingestion. I became more euphoric, happier and more present. More present as more aware of my surroundings and more in awe with nature.

In terms of productivity at work I didn’t feel any major changes. Maybe it helped in terms of creativity, but not so much in terms of being more productive.

Where I felt the most change was towards my interaction with people. I felt more social for sure. I didn’t have that little voice telling me to run away and was truly enjoying the presence of others (for most of them).

However after a couple of sessions I started feeling nothing. So I increased the dose to see if that would have any effect. It didn’t.

My body probably started to build tolerance to the drug. Like it does when you drink coffee everyday or alcohol. In a nutshell I’m getting used to it and a microdose won’t do it anymore.

So on the 20th of February I decided to wait an extra day to see if that would do anything. It didn’t.

At that point I think I gave up trying to fix it. I would continue till the end of the challenge but not expecting anything from it anymore.

Concluding thoughts

If I were to do it again I would try to do things differently. First I would grind all the mushrooms into a powder. I was simply cutting bits here and there. It wasn’t very consistent as the mushroom doesn’t have equal amounts of the active principal in each part of it. Although I was weighing it, I had no way to see how much of the active substance, psilocybin, I was really taking.

Then I would leave 2 days apart between each dose instead of one. That would have helped reducing the tolerance buildup.

I also don’t think it was a smart idea to buy all the psilocybin in advanced as I couldn’t take any on the 29th of February, the remaining piece of mushroom had mold on it. Mushrooms took over my mushroom. How ironic…

Would I do it again?

I don’t know. Probably. But not as a long term thing, but rather a microdose from time to time. Like I do with coffee or alcohol. Something like mushroom Friday at work. Maybe I should try it with my employees and see if that improves customer service.

Finally, I think people react differently to psychedelics. Some are more sensitive than others. I had to take Ayahuasca three times before having any effects. That and my mushroom experiment lead me to think that I’m quite tolerant to psychedelics and may need higher dosage to experience something.

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