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January Goals

2019: A Year in Review

Rules, rules, rules…

January Goals

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I’ve drafted most of it in 2019, ready to be published by the end of the year, however, the unexpected happened (not so unexpected, but I like to add some drama), my baby daughter was born. So before we dig into what happened in 2019 for me, let’s welcome Brida to the world. She was born on the 29th of December. It seems like she wanted to born in the previous decade.

It’s time to say goodbye 2019. The end of a decade.

To be honest, the fact that it’s a decade, doesn’t really change anything.

The only one I remember was the year 2000. As a geek, I was eager to see this internet bug. It was something fascinating to me. We were talking about the first collapse of our modern society.

Long story short, nothing happened. But you’re probably aware of this. And society hasn’t collapsed… yet! (still to come I hear)

Anyway, 2000 is a long way back. 20 years to be exact (for maths tutoring, contact me).

Time to start a new chapter, my friend. One even better than the previous ones!
But first let’s review 2019.

2019 in numbers

  • Second year in Costa Rica
  • First year of Puerto&Co, my coworking space.
  • One festival hosted. The Love Festival.
  • My son turning 3 and learning to poo in the toilet! (BIG accomplishment)
  • 11th year with my wife.
  • One new member to the family
  • One adopted cat. The source of my daily running nose and sneezing.
  • One trip to Europe to see family and friends. The closest thing to Pura Vida over there was waiting in line to enter the Lego store in London.
  • 3 visa runs to Panama (always incredibly fun)
  • 2 Ayahuasca experiences (I’ll keep that for another post)
  • Me turning 32 (the occult opposite of 23)
  • One car accident (nothing major luckily. One advise though: don’t attempt dry fasting if you have to drive)
  • 11 employees hired
  • 1 employee fired
  • 6K run and won (my opponent got lost in the jungle. Lucky me)
  • 50 Mbps of internet juice achieved (I’m still a geek)
  • Far too many scorpions in our house
  • Many more cockroaches
  • One Fer-de-Lance snake
  • 116 days of reading and counting
  • 6 books read. I only started reading daily at the end of September.
  • 119 days of meditating and counting
  • 116 days of writing/journaling and counting
  • 92 days without alcohol. (Looking forward to getting drunk again!)
  • One House bought
  • One lot bought
  • Too many bad jokes. There’ll be probably even more in 2020. Jokes mature with age just like good ol’ whiskey.

Puerto&Co’s First Year

What a ride. Opening a business in Costa Rica is not easy. You have to adopt the Pura Vida life or it’ll drive you crazy. Oh and simple is not part of the dictionary here. Everything is an adventure. Going to Limon, to the bank, to BriBri, buying a blender… There’s always a way to turn the simple into complex and I’m proud to say that Costa Rica is excelling at it. But hey, it keeps you young.

Too Many Projects

My brain works in mysterious ways. This year I’ve learned that I’m a projector (Human Design). That’s probably why my brain functions the way it does. When it’s not thinking about food, sex or working hard on a new, marvelous, joke, it throws tons of ideas at me.

You know what? It would be great to create an indoor play center for kids. What about writing a book? Creating a food delivery business? And so on…

It simply won’t stop. And sometimes I give in. Maybe too many times.

2019 has been the start of:

  • Ginger Chocolate – A rental house project on a gorgeous 5000sqm lot. It started in May when I met my business partner Max. Construction is expected to start in 2020. Pura Vida style.
  • Gyvas – A luxury real estate company. Our idea is to offer quality homes throughout the country.
  • Dreamland Campus – A sustainable community in Costa Rica. More to it in the next paragraph.
  • MEGA – Make Earth Great Again. I’ve been silent about it and it has been collecting dust since September. I wasn’t sure if I should launch it or not. Here you go.
  • Nomadific – A resource for Digital Nomads.

I think that’s about it. Let’s see what I come out with in 2020. Maybe a baby sharing platform, who knows?

The start of a new life?

In 2019, I met Myriem. She had a dream. A dream of creating a new way of living. Questioning the status quo. Capitalism has its limits and we may soon experience a collapse (don’t worry, Puerto Viejo is out of reach or I hope so?). Our resources are limited and we should work together on building a new future. She ignited the change and we ended up being 7 working on this dream.

Working with awesome people on a challenging project is incredible. Let’s see where it leads us.

What I’m grateful for

I’m just grateful to be alive. To have a beautiful family. A hyper-active 3 year-old son that wants to play with me day and night. Being surrounded by nature. And yes I’m even grateful for the raccoons that come every night to steal our bananas although it drives me bananas from time to time.

2019 in pictures

What I wish for 2020

I don’t project myself too much in the next year, especially with a new kid. I just hope that having two kids is not twice as challenging as having one. I just wish for another great year. More ideas. More bad jokes. Less accidents.

How was 2019 for you and what are your wishes 2020? I’d love to hear.

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