December update
October Goals

December Update

October Goals

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This is long overdue. Did I forget to write last month’s goals? Not really, it’s been on my todo list for a while and when the calendar showed the 20th I felt like it was a bit late to write them.

Does that mean that I’ve been laying on my couch the whole month? Well… pretty much…

That’s not entirely true though. I’ve done quite a bit, but I’ve also been slacking on my goals and have taken a turn to the happy land of procrastination. You know… Cat videos… More cat videos.

However, I haven’t given up just yet. I am planning on a rebirth for 2021. Thomas 2.0. Actually it might be version 13.0. I’ve had many dysfunctional versions of myself. Hopefully this one will turn out better. We will see. I feel like it’s a constant battle though. Too many distractions online.

All is not bad though, I do have a few wins to share with you. My websites have been growing. And our coworking space is also getting more customers. Brida and Elon are growing and they seem to enjoy living in the jungle. Most of the time naked of course. Brida also started to walk. And I get to spend quite a lot of time with them.

In October we went on a vacation for my birthday which was nice. We got too experience the feeling of cold again. It’s been a while. Costa Rica is a rich country and there’s a lot to explore.

Therefore I won’t really go into any details here in regards to my goals. Basically I am following none of them right now except for the push-ups. I am standing strong at 65 push-ups a day. It’s getting really hard to find the motivation though as the difficulty increases.

And business-wise, my websites are growing and are starting to generate some revenue. The only thing I’m worried about is the latest Google Core update on December 3rd that seem to have hit my newest niche website. (last 3 months)

Nomadific growth

It seems to have hit a plateau, though, at around 200 visitors a day. But I’ve been publishing a lot less lately. This website is one year old.

New niche site

New niche site

The spike was on black Friday just prior to the Google update where you can see the drop. I hope the upwards trend will remain though!

So until 2021 I wish you all the best and hope to be back stronger than ever!

PS: I’m considering doing another Ayahuasca retreat on the 20th of December to end the year with a bang!

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