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January Goals

2019: A Year in Review

Are You a Slave?

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You may think that I’m late publishing my goals for the month on the 9th of January. You’re right. I am late. I’m still managing the after effect of my baby girl being born and had to publish my review of 2019 first. Let’s dive into it…

December, a review

December was a good month in terms of accomplishments. Despite the holidays and the baby thing. The only section were I got lazy was the biking to work objective, but I’ll tell you why in a bit. It’s very stupid…

Oh and if you’re wondering what my goals were: December Goals.


My goal was to organize or attend one potluck. Well I did. Twice. Double win!
One on the second of December at Miraflores with the Dreamland team and one on the 25th of December for Christmas.

Both were great gatherings. The Christmas one was supposed to start as a small potluck for our fellow vegan friends (Yes I’m still eating a plant-based diet, despite my controversial article!). Nothing fancy. But the more we talked about it, the more people were interested in joining. It turns out, the vegan community is growing in Puerto Viejo (and probably everywhere else as well). Zoey managed the organisation and did a great job. There was plenty of yummy food for everyone. Too much. I love to eat.

Verdict: Two happy potlucks with great people. A success!

Health & Fitness

Hmm this is where I didn’t follow through. I’m not really sure I should tell you. You will probably make fun of me behind your screen. Ok, I’ll tell you, but keep it a secret please. The internet is my little sacred place.

I was supposed to bike to work at least 3 times a week with my brand new shiny mountain bike I bought in San Jose. I even planned on doing races with it. When you get something new, you’re always very enthusiastic. You know the feeling.

Anyway, I biked to work 5 times.

Four times the first week and once the second. And then I stopped…


Because my tire got punctured on the way home and I’m too lazy to get it fixed. It requires a lot of mental energy. I need to get a taxi or ask someone with a pickup to help me get it in town to get it fixed. It doesn’t fit in my car. But I’ll fix it, I promise. Tomorrow. (biking to work is no longer part of my goals for the month).

But to end on a positive note, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol in December. 92 days without alcohol in 2019. And so far in 2020 I only had one drink. One IPA. And it felt like drinking poison.

Verdict: Mixed Feelings. Or let’s say 50/50 to make my two minds happy.

Soul & Mind

What a nice transition. Talking about minds, let’s review my goals in regards to my soul (wherever it is) & mind.

I’m still meditating and reading every day. I only missed the 29th and 30th of December due to my daughter being born. I was too tired and too busy making my wife a placenta smoothie. Initially, I wanted to take a bite in the placenta and send it to the midwife that was training us but I couldn’t gather the courage to do so. Maybe next time?

I’ve only finished one book in December as it was a bigger one:

Unscripted is a book I’ve enjoyed. Even though I don’t agree with everything he writes about, I do feel like there’s a lot of truth in his book. We live in a scripted society where dreams are sold to people. He clearly writes that going for a 9-5 job in the hopes of getting rich is impossible. Even by saving a big chunk of your salary every month. Most people are modern slaves, tied to a mortgage and debt. Exchanging time for money is not the way to go.

And regarding my Facebook consumption, I’ve spent very little time on Social Media in December. I wasn’t able to track exactly how much but I’m fairly confident that I’ve been on it less than an hour a week.

Verdict: Happy brain. Happy soul.


Before I review, let me reveal to you the site I’ve been working on. It’s called Nomadific. It’s a blog and guide for digital nomads and people wanting to adopt the lifestyle. I’m still working on it and publishing new articles every week.

My goal for the month was to outreach to 10 people and build relationships. I did outreach to over 10 people. Mostly using LinkedIn. I had two calls scheduled for the week my daughter was born, which have been postponed. I will reschedule them in January.

Verdict: Website is growing. Slowly. But I’m happy as I’m having fun working on it.

Ok, so December was pretty good. The decade is over and we can now focus on 2020 and make it the best year ever! I have big plans for 2020. My brain is still coming up with tons of ideas. We’re all good.

2020, Welcome!

I’m looking forward to accomplishing even more this year. Sharing more with you and being more authentic. I’m realizing that sharing everything online feels good. I’m hiding no secrets. I’m facing my fears and telling it to shut up and sharing some of the things I would have not told you otherwise. So if you want to know all my inner secrets, read my blog. I’m 10 years late on the trend and should probably shoot daily vlogs on Instagram, but hey I prefer to blog. Maybe I’ll start vlogging soon, who knows…

One big thing I would like to experiment with in 2020 is podcasting. I’d love to launch my digital nomad podcast. It’s way outside my comfort zone so I’m slowly going there. Step by step. I bought the microphone already!

I’m still taking it slow in terms of goals as I have a new born child and I have a bit of backlog to catch up with.

Now to my goals for the January.


Relationships is always the most complicated category for me. I’m an introvert and opening to others feels uncomfortable to me. But I’m trying my best to improve. However I want to keep things simple enough, and not get overwhelmed.

  • Engage with 5 new people
    I’m looking to meet 5 new people and exchange with them. Hopefully on something deeper than the weather. Although I could follow a few videos on meteorology and have in-depth conversations about the weather.

Health & Fitness

  • 10 push-ups per day
    It may sound super easy to you, but having long arms gives me a lot more length to travel when going down and back up. Or at least that’s my excuse for not being super fit. This month I’ll start easy, with a minimum of 10 push-ups per day and I’ll try to increase the number next month. Let’s see where it will lead me in one year.
  • Drink alcohol no more than once per week
    I don’t think this will be too complicated for me. I don’t feel like drinking so much. I’m not missing it. But I’ll keep a spot open for special occasions or if I feel something fancy like a 12 year old Whiskey or a Aperol Spritz. I’ll go for quality over quantity.

Soul & Mind

  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Reading
  • Daily Writing

I’m writing these down, but these are givens. I don’t think that these will be taken out any time soon. It’s something I’ve implemented in September of 2019 and have been pursuing ever since as it’s been a great vector of growth.


  • Outline a new project for digital nomads
    This is the result of my monkey brain at work. I will still continue pushing content and working on the SEO of Nomadific. Nomadific is the base. Now I’m just adding new pillars to the mix. I have a couple of ideas with the same target, digital nomads, in mind.

That’s it. I feel like that is plenty for January. Especially since we’re already the 9th…

What are your big goals for January or 2020? I’d love to hear them!

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