April Goals
What Psilocybin Microdosing Did to Me
May Goals

April Goals

This Is What 29 Days of Psilocybin Microdosing Did To Me

May Goals

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I’m late. It’s almost mid April and I’m only publishing this now. The thing is that this tiny virus running around has changed a few things for me. Not that I’m scared of it. I don’t really care about it to be honest. It just opened a Pandora’s box of questions.

So many questions. So much to reflect on. It’s a bit overwhelming as there’s so much news around it.

Also my working habits have changed since we had to adapt the coworking hours and close due to legal restrictions and also because there are not many people around. The streets are empty. Puerto Viejo is becoming a ghost town, which I don’t totally dislike. It’s so quiet, so peaceful.

Looking back at my previous goals, I was kind of on the spot with my statement:

This year will be the year of tremendous change I believe. Coronavirus is creating so much fear that countries are closing their borders, the U.S. election will happen this year and I’m sure 2020 will be filled with lots more. Maybe a financial crisis if we get lucky.

March Goals

Everything seems to happen as predicted. When I published this article on March 4th, there were only 93,000 cases worldwide and 3,160 deaths. As of today, there are over 1.5 Million cases and 92,000 deaths. On March 27th, the IMF declared that we are entering a global recession that may be worse than 2009. And worse it will be for sure.

I am in the process of writing an article about COVID-19. It made my head boil so much that I simply have to write about it. I know you’re all submerged with articles around it, but hopefully mine will be different. More positive. I’ve come to the conclusion that this virus may end up having more positive impact than negative in the long run. Hopefully my predictions will turn out to be true.

Now to go back to my goals, I will slow things down a bit until we have a clearer vision at what the future will look like and how deep we are going with all this. We still have time until this is over. A lot of time.

March, a review

March has started well but things quickly took a turn in the middle of the Month as you may know why. But since most of my goals are actually habits, I can still tick many of them off.

If you’d like to review my previous goals, here they are.


My goal was to spend some time with my brother which I did. He is was a tour guide in New York City. He came at the end of February and stayed for two weeks until the 12th of March. It was the first time he saw my son and daughter. He’s the one who started talking constantly about this virus and how it would affect his business. Well it did. He’s now locked at home. I’m sure he wishes he would have stayed…

Verdict: We did some surfing together and he met my kids. Positive outcome.

Health & Fitness

I’m still pushing hard on the push-up front. I’ve done 20 push-ups every single day. Usually in the morning, right before eating some delicious Papaya.

And I’ve biked to work 15 days in March. I’ve exploded this goal with a lot more biking than my twice a week objective. I really enjoy biking to work. It’s a lot more fun than driving and I have some time to either listen to music or podcasts (depending on my mood). Oh and it’s my time to show off by biking hands-free. That’s really the only reason I’m doing it.

Finally on the surfing front, it started well until Costa Rica’s government decided to close off the beaches. I surfed 7 days between the first and the 13th of the Month. I’m still a rebel though and still enjoy going to the beach. Please don’t tell anyone.

Verdict: I’m not a surfer yet, but my muscles are growing.

Soul & Mind

I’m pursuing my daily habit of writing, reading and meditating. In March I did 29 sessions of each. The only days I missed is when we went spent the night at SEED, a spectacular ecovillage of 150 hectares in Talamanca. The reason for it is that I’m having a hard time following trough on my night routine there as we go to bed early. I may have to rethink a way to do so as we are spending more and more time at SEED building a new model for the world of tomorrow.

I’ve only read one book in March, but a great one:

It’s a great read, especially if you have kids. We set most of our limits ourselves. By changing our mindset and adopting a growth mindset we can be more appreciative of the process rather than simply focus on the goal.

Sadly I haven’t had a session with a healer or alternative health practitioner. I’ll have to do this in a couple of months I guess.

Verdict: Happy mind. Happy me.


Hmmm. Not sure if I have a business anymore. Puerto&Co has slowed down a lot this month and we had to close during Easter week. Things are so slow that I don’t even know when we’ll be able to reopen.

And my niche website is geared towards digital nomads and travelers. With borders closed all around the world it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to travel soon.

Because of the circumstances I haven’t put too much effort into getting more backlinks.

Verdict: Jobless? Maybe.

Now to my goals for April I will take things slowly and be more an observer than really working actively on some set goals. I still need time to assess everything and what I want to focus on going forward.


  • Be more present in every social interaction
    This not really a quantifiable objective but more something I’d like to work towards. Especially in times like this. It’s important to be present and listen actively to what people are saying. Simply being more present. This also goes in line with my meditation practice.

Health & Fitness

  • 25 push-ups a day
    Beware guys, I’ve started with 10 in January and am already at 25. Hopefully this year will be shorter than the previous one.
  • No gluten this month
    I still have to publish my article in relation to this experiment, but this month I’ve decided to say no to gluten and see how I feel. I’m craving bread every single day already…

Soul & Mind

  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Reading
  • Daily Writing


Since I don’t really have a business anymore and that the tourism industry is on hold for a while, I will take a brake and focus on maybe writing more.

That’s it for April. Do you have anything specific planned for this month? I’d love to hear.

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