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June Goals

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It’s the 10th of June and I’ve kept you waiting. Yes. You. The one and only reader I’m writing to. But really I’m writing for myself. Writing is the perfect way to declutter a bit the mind and clean up some space. And because I’m a geek at heart, think of it as clearing your ram. When too many things are running at the same time, your overall brain function is limited. You need space to fully make use of it. That’s also the reason why multitasking doesn’t work. Being focused is the way to go. I still have a long way to go towards being truly focused. Having kids doesn’t help. Nor having one million projects. But this is a lifelong battle. And one of the reasons why I meditate every day.

Now that I’ve spent 134 words introducing my goals and wasted precious seconds of your life, let’s spend some time going over May and reflect on what is happening right now.

2020 is a special year. Nothing that anyone could have predicted. And the end of the tunnel is not yet visible. At least not for me. You tell me.

May had been mostly spent fighting Pappy, my dear friend introduced to you in my previous article. If you’re still confused, Pappy is my flesh-eating parasite that is residing on my wrist and my toe. While having a watch is fun, it’s not very useful here. And the one on my toe has been truly painful and has led my foot to double in size. Here’s something I’ve learned. Sandy beaches are not the best places to go to with an open wound on your foot.

COVID-19 seems to have summoned into an even bigger beast with more and more people affected. However, deaths seem to go down. But again I’m confused by the whole thing and won’t dive deeper into it. At least for now.

2020 seems like an acid trip turning to reality (not that I have tried acid). Science fiction merges with reality. What appears like fake news turns out to be real news. Police are shooting on people. The world is collapsing.

And yet I live in a small bubble in the Caribbean. Costa Rica is the forgotten country. We’re not on anyone’s radar. I enjoy having my serene life by the beach but it’s becoming difficult for me to grasp what’s going on in the world. I’m eating papaya and getting daily injections in my butt. That’s my life. By now you may wonder why I keep writing. Well… I’m as lost as you are.

But deep down I’m happy about everything happening in the world. The upcoming collapse of the USA. This “killer” virus and all the social movements. It shows that people have reached their limits. This system doesn’t work. It’s imploding. Putting patches to it won’t fix it. We need change. And change is coming. Hopefully for the best.

All this to tell you that I’m struggling to follow through with my goals. Yes, that was my 480 words excuse. I hope it worked.

May, a review

If you’ve made it so far, you may as well take a break to re-read my previous goals. However, if you’re an avid fan and remember them please keep on reading.


My goal in May was to check-up on people. While I did call my mom and sister I haven’t really done much on that front. Not more than usual. I still need to call my brother that is in New York to know how things are over there in the epicenter of the hurricane. Relationships are not my forte. I’ll try to work on it.

Verdict: Meh. Better luck next time.

Health & Fitness

30 push-ups a day was my goal and I managed to accomplish it every day of the month. I don’t necessarily feel stronger though, but it feels good to tick off a box on my daily habit list. One day maybe I’ll have big muscles. Or not. Time will tell.

Verdict: Yes to push-ups. No to superman strength.

Soul & Mind

In May I’ve meditated, read and wrote every day except for 4 days when we were travelling to Turrialba and San Jose. I still haven’t managed to keep my habits outside of my house. Habits are very attached to your environment.

I’ve finished one book in May:

It’s a great little book. I really enjoy stoicism and was first introduced to it by the one and only Mr. Tim Ferriss. Stoicism is a very hands-on philosophy. Simple and timeless tools to face your daily challenges. Especially useful in times like now.

Verdict: Yes. Yes. Yes.


The goal was to launch Cocrea Caribe in May. The website is done and the project has been launched. This resource is to allow people to find the right people, places and projects for them. If you live in the area (which I doubt), feel free to add your profile to the page.

Verdict: Website is live. Have fun.

Now to the interesting stuff. Let me share with you all the interesting things I have planned for you this month. Most of it will be the same, but hopefully, I’ll gather a bunch of new readers that are not familiar with my previous goals. Feel free to share my goals with your mom and best friends.


  • Calling my good friend Ben in Paris and my brother
    It’s pretty specific, but I really need to call these two people. I haven’t talked to my friend Ben for ages nor my brother since he visited in February/March.

Health & Fitness

  • 35 push-ups a day
    Call me a masochist. I like to suffer. Let’s up the ante a bit this month. I’ve started at 10 in January and here we are at 35.

Soul & Mind

  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Reading
  • Daily Writing
  • Setup a Tarot reading
    I keep seeing a message from someone offering tarot readings here in the area. And a friend here as done one with her and recommended her. I’m not looking for anything specific, I’m just curious. It’s something I’ve never done in my life.


I’ll keep business out of the game this month. I have a lot of things to do. And some admin work as well. I’d rather catch up with what I had planned rather than add more to my plate. I hope you’ll understand.

I believe that’s it for June. 44% of this year is already over. It’s crazy. My daughter is already 5 months old. I’ll conclude with two words. Crazy Year.

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