September Goals
My fight agains leishmaniasis
October Goals

September Goals

My Fight Against Leishmaniasis And How I Knocked It Out!

October Goals

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It’s crazy, we’re already in September. 10 Months ago I’ve started this blog with no intentions really. My only objective was to share my goals and some of my thoughts online. To the few people that scroll down their Facebook timeline in order to find some dopamine release. Hopefully I’ve given you plenty of dopamine with my goals and that you were able to gain more insight to what my daily struggles are. Keeping up with your goals.

This year has been unique. That’s the least I can say. My brother came to visit in March and then things took a turn and it was time to get sucked in in this COVID spiral. We’re still far from the end of the tunnel but I’m happy to be here in Costa Rica. I may have mentioned this before, but we live in a bubble. In a happy bubble. It is as if nothing happened. Things have slowed down. There are less tourists for sure. We went from Pura Vida to Pura Pura Pura Vida. Monkeys, sloths are still here so everything is good.

I think this quarter will be very interesting. With the release of the COVID-19 vaccing (cough cough) and the US election, we may encounter some more turbulence.

Whatever happens I will try to keep writing. Keep sharing with you my thoughts and goals. Even though it seems that I’ve reached a plateau and not really doing much besides the usual.

August, a review

Want to read them? Click here. Otherwise keep reading.


The goal was simply to celebrate Elon’s birthday with friends. It went pretty well. We did it at the beach, because we didn’t want the house to look as if a tornado went through it. Quite a few people showed up, Elon got nice gifts and we had plenty of food for everyone. The kids had a blast and I’m happy to report that no kid was reported missing nor has drowned.

Verdict: A success. Elon was happy and we all had a great time.

Health & Fitness

My goal was to do 45 push-ups a day which I managed to do every single day. Since I’ve started I’ve been doing push-ups for 247 days in a row. Since the 6th of January.

My other objective was to learn how to make a handstand. Well it didn’t go very far. I tried once and stopped trying. I guess there was no real motivation behind the goal. It just came to me watching a Facebook sponsored post.

Verdict: My life didn’t turn upside down, but I’m still try to pump my muscles.

Soul & Mind

In August I’ve meditated and written every day and only missed 3 days of reading which is pretty good. I’ve finally managed to finish the book I’ve started in July. This one:

It’s a good book and has motivated me to improve my memory. We learned techniques in school like rote memorization which are far from being the most efficient ones. Joshua Foer spent one year training to win the annual US memory contest in 2006. Interesting read.

I also wanted to do a one week social media detox. Well I didn’t end up doing it as I sometimes need Facebook for business purposes such as posting on my coworking Facebook page. What’s important is mostly being aware of the time spend on social media and how addictive they are.

Verdict: My neurons have been fed.


The property we are trying to sell has not been sold yet. The buyer is requesting quite a lot of documents and it’s not so easy to make everyone happy especially when everyone is in a different country, but we are aiming to make it happen.

Other than that, my website, is still growing and has now over 100 sessions a day. It’s definitely motivating. Now I just need to work on monetization. I did post two affiliate pieces of content though. We will see. I’m hopeful.

Now for September, I am still keeping it easy. I keep trying to perfect the balance between my personal life, my online ventures and my brick and mortar business that is not doing well at all.


  • Organize a nice surprise for my family
    To be honest I didn’t know what to do so I guess this is something nice I can organize. We’ll see what I come up with.

Health & Fitness

  • 50 push-ups a day
    I’ll be honest with you. It starts to become challenging. And long. I’m doing 3 sets: 20 – 15 – 15. I use the time in between sets to write. I don’t know for how long I can keep up with it. I miss the initial 10 a day I started with.
  • 16:8 Intermittent Fasting
    I’ve decided to give intermittent fasting a try as it’s being praised by many of the entrepreneurs and influencers I look up to. I fast for 16 hours a day, usually from 5pm to 9am. It’s really not that difficult to be honest, but I’m just starting out.

Soul & Mind

  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Reading
  • Daily Writing
  • Follow the course Life of Focus by Cal Newport and Scott Young
    This is a new course I’ve purchased as I really admire the two creators behind the course. We get all over the place with technology. It’s time to refocus.


  • Work on SEO on my new niche site
    I’ve created a new niche site 2 months ago and it’s already generating a small amount of traffic from Google which is great. I’m really confident about this one!

That’s it. What about you? Any fun goals for this month or for the rest of the year? I’d love to hear.

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